Country Animal Hospital offers a complete in-house veterinary pharmacy for our clients. We have several types of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention options, and our staff is well trained in helping you choose the correct one for your pet. In addition to stocking a full pharmacy of prescription medications, we can also frequently use flavoring on some custom orders to increase palatability and ease of administration of many medications.

Having an on-site pharmacy is important to us because the convenience of seeing your pet’s doctor and picking up your pet’s prescription medication in a single visit reduces the time and cost you may incur both on the original visit and any future medication refill visits. Also, having convenient and immediate access to the many preventive and therapeutic medicines at Country Animal Hospital ensures pets can start recommended medications right away. In a few special circumstances, such as extremely small or massively large pets or unusual medication needs, your pet may require custom medications. In those cases we work with a few carefully chosen, trustworthy compounding pharmacies so we can tailor prescriptions precisely to your pet.

Please call at least 2 hours ahead when you need your pet’s medication(s) to be refilled. This will allow us time to ensure that you do not have to wait when you arrive to pick it up!


It is very important that you DO NOT self-medicate your pet (giving your pet medication without the supervision of a veterinarian). Even though some medications that pets take might be the same type that people take, the dosages vary and can become toxic if given in too high a dose. Also, NEVER share medication between pets without consulting a veterinarian. We want to make sure your healthy pet is around for as long as possible to continue loving you, and medication sharing may be fatal to your beloved pet.

“The only difference between a remedy and a poison is the dose.” Paracelsus

In the rare instance that we do not stock a particular medication for your pet, or you choose to purchase a different flea, tick, or heartworm product from the several that we carry, we have partnered with Vetsource to provide a trusted online medication source. Remember, many online pharmacies obtain their products from illegal and/or untrustworthy sources, and thus most manufacturers will not stand behind their guarantees for products purchased online. Vetsource is the exception to this as they have full agreements with the various distributors; they handle their products as any veterinarian would.