There are times when it is necessary for your pet to spend some time away from home.

Whether you have a planned vacation or a post-surgery hospitalization, you can be confident they will be in good hands at Country Animal Hospital. Our boarding facility is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our clinic happily boards dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and birds.

Our staff works hard to provide an environment that is clean, safe, and comfortable for your pet during their time with us.

During their stay visiting dogs are housed in individual runs. Two from the same family may be housed together if their owner prefers. We have two options for cats: traditional large cages or our cat condos that have two levels and four separate spaces within them. Dogs are walked multiple times during the day. If your dog enjoys playing in a group, he/she can get out some excess energy in doggy daycare while they are boarding with us! We can provide a high-quality dry pet food for your pet while he or she is with us, or you can bring your pet’s food from home. Our staff is trained to feed your pet exactly how you do it at home to avoid unnecessary stress while boarding. Bedding is provided and, of course, is changed regularly.

Because safety while boarding is our number one concern, all pets need to be current on the following vaccines and procedures:

  • Dogs : rabies, distemper/parvo, kennel cough, intestinal parasite fecal test, and flea control applied within the last month
  • Cats : rabies, FVRCP, either intestinal parasite fecal test or deworming administered within the last year, and a flea control product applied within the last month

Pets who are on medications or whose health condition requires regular specialized attention are also able to board with us at Country Animal Hospital.

One of the major benefits of boarding your pet at our veterinary clinic is that if any problems should arise, our veterinarians are available to diagnose and treat them immediately. Our kennel staff prides themselves on taking care of your pets as if they were their own and so are constantly watching for any change in behavior in our boarded pets.

When picking up your pet, you may do so at any time during our clinic open hours, though if your pet has been boarded for a medical reason, we may want to schedule a discharge appointment time for you. Also, if arranged ahead of time, for your convenience we have a discharge time between 4-5pm on Sundays.

We ask that you contact us to schedule planned stays with us in advance and appreciate 24 hour notice on any cancellations.