Since not all animal health problems can be caught through a physical exam, we pride ourselves in having the best laboratory and diagnostic facilities in the veterinary industry. We have a vast array of laboratory tests and diagnostic equipment that help us give you the most accurate picture of your pet’s health. Making sure we have this equipment not only makes our hospital better, it ensures that your pet has the best care possible, as quickly as possible.


Country Animal Hospital is proud and excited to offer the latest in X-ray technology: digital radiology. Until recently, X-ray technology had remained basically unchanged for almost a hundred years. New digital X-ray systems have vastly improved our diagnostic abilities by using computers to aid in the capture and manipulation of the image (much like your photos on your computer) to see certain conditions more clearly. It also means you can view your pet’s X-rays on the computer screen in the exam room and we can e-mail X-rays to specialists for review. We can also easily compare X-rays of your pet taken at different times to determine if a condition has changed or not. In addition, we no longer have to use the chemicals associated with processing X-ray film – a plus for the environment and our staff! Now X-rays are safer, quicker, and much more useful. Country Animal Hospital has invested in this revolutionary technology to serve you and your four-legged companions better.


We have just recently purchased an exciting piece of equipment – a new ultrasound machine! Ultrasound allows the doctor to achieve a depth of detail that is not possible with X-rays. Organs that are difficult to see clearly on radiographs can easily be seen with ultrasound. We can use it to locate your pet’s bladder to obtain a sterile urine sample, search for a heartbeat in your potentially pregnant pet, or help us locate an area that needs to be drained with a needle.

If we determine that your pet needs a comprehensive ultrasound of their heart, abdomen, or other area, we are extremely fortunate to have a board-certified specialist in radiology and internal medicine come to our clinic every Tuesday.

Laboratory Testing

There are two scenarios during which laboratory testing can be helpful: the first is when your pet is obviously ill and we need to diagnose the problem, and the second is for routine screenings when your pet appears to be healthy, and we want to make sure that is indeed the case. In the wild, animals hide their illnesses or injuries so they do not attract predators. Pets are able to hide the subtle signs of illness from their owners exceptionally well. Regular blood tests and laboratory screening is the best way for our veterinarians to monitor a pet’s condition and detect changes early so disease can be caught and successfully treated.

Our laboratory services are a central part of what we do at Country Animal Hospital. We have in-clinic blood work machines that can give us answers within 30 minutes. Some common types of blood tests include a complete blood cell count, a blood chemistry profile to check organ function, a thyroid hormone level test and several “snap” tests that search for specific diseases such as heartworm, tick-borne diseases, feline leukemia, felina immunodeficiency virus, and pancreatitis to name a few. We also frequently take samples of stool to check for intestinal parasites and urine to check for infection and other diseases. Cytologies can be performed on the skin or the ears and determine whether the infection your pet is experiencing is due to yeast or bacteria. Fine needle aspirates can help us determine what type of mass has appeared on your beloved pet.

We also work closely with several outside laboratories if we can wait until the next day for results or if we need to have specialized tests performed,. FedEx takes our samples each mid-week night, and we have the results within one to several days depending upon the test and the lab.