We offer two different styles of dog training at CAH as people and their dogs are unique and different techniques work for different personalities. Both of our trainers want the best for you and your dog, and will work with you to decide how to achieve that goal. Both trainers offer obedience classes for puppies through to adults, and our trainer that utilizes clicker-training also offers agility classes. Both trainers are also very happy to schedule individual classes for you and your dog if that works better for your schedule and/or if the goals of training are more likely to be achieved in a more personalized setting.

Requirements to train at CAH :

  • Each dog must be up to date on these vaccinations: distemper/parvo, kennel cough, rabies. They also must have had a negative intestinal parasite fecal test within the past year.
  • Each owner must agree to use an appropriate flea control product throughout the year.
  • Dogs participating in our training classes may be intact (i.e. not spayed or neutered).

Clicker Training

Amanda Regan is a Certified Obedience Instructor with 9 years professional experience training dogs of many different breeds and personalities. She also works at Waggles in Williston, VT teaching agility classes and private lessons along with a Day Training Program.

Amanda offers puppy and basic obedience classes using positive reinforcement techniques in the form of Clicker Training. Clicker Training is a science-based training technique which focuses on clearly communicating to the dog the desired behavior and rewarding it. For more info on Clicker Training visit: www.clickertraining.com.

These classes are designed to be fun and enjoyable for both dogs and owners, helping owners to understand how their dogs learn in a positive, team-based environment. Owners learn how to manage and modify undesired behaviors, teaching the dogs what they should be doing instead – like keeping four feet on the floor instead of jumping up on people. Most of the time when a dog exhibits an undesired behavior, the dog is confused or unaware of what he should be doing. With Clicker Training we clearly give them the information they need to offer you the desired behavior. Clicker Training is appropriate for all dogs of any age.

Clicker obedience classes are taught on Tuesdays, and cover the basics including: Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Loose-Leash Walking, Come (Recall), Leave-It, Stay, Jumping, Counter Surfing, and more!

Amanda also offers beginner and advanced agility lessons on Saturdays. You can reach her at: clickertreat@yahoo.com

Balanced Training

Kyra Flanders is a trainer for The Upbeat K9™, a premiere dog training company based out of Rutland, VT whose balanced training system centers on fostering and nurturing a working relationship between you and your dog with clear communication, consistency, trust, and mutual respect. Whether your dog is a goofy puppy, or you want to bring obedience to the next level, or your dog has behavioral challenges, we have programs that will fit your needs. Prior to enrolling your dog in a class, we require a FREE evaluation which has no obligation attached to it. Evaluations serve as an opportunity for us to meet you and your dog. You can ask questions, see how we work, discuss training goals, and create a plan to fit your needs. For more information or to schedule an evaluation please contact us at (802)430-6390, email Kyra at kyra.flanders@theupbeatk9.com or visit our website at www.theupbeatk9.com.